Who is Myra Ann Elizabeth Uber?
If you’re like me, you long ago discovered that bringing others more hope and happiness to live a better life is really key to your own joy. 
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All these have been made possible, though, through the benefits of helping others overcome obstacles — obstacles that are holding them back in pursing the life of their dreams. Please contact me today, and let me share how it can help you to build a bright and fabulous future for you and your family, even when you’re going through the biggest trials of your life.

What’s does it mean to “build futures” and “inspire lives” with someone like me? It means I’ll guide you with all the best tips and success strategies, helping you sidestep any obstacles, shining a beacon of deep experience and knowledge on your path. It means you’ll be living a better, healthier, more vibrant life through the benefits of first-rate, revolutionary coaching—which gives you the best solid foundation possible. It means that as we get to know one another better, you always have a faithful guide who’s walking alongside you, cheering you on to success. If you want Epic Freedom I can help. Contact me today, and let’s discuss your concerns; I’m betting the “light goes on for you,” so to speak, as it did so brightly for me.
Meet Myra
You see, as I’ve experienced some of life’s dark trials, I’ve really found myself increasingly passionate about helping others to live their full potential. It’s true when I say that I’ve found deeper purpose by helping others find theirs—kind of like “paying it forward” with luminous passion and then seeing the joy come shining back to you.

My passions range from spending time with my two kids – a son in college and a younger teen-age daughter – and serving on the Board of Directors at our Community Theatre where my children have both been active, to the hobbies of dance, photography, wine tasting and Real Estate. 
My own life has been transformed with amazing cash flow as well as the freeing ability to set my own schedule, travel the world, focus on a healthy lifestyle, and spend more time with my kids. Now, won’t you contact me and let me share how you, too, can take control and flip the switch to brighter power and purpose? Don’t be surprised if you see rays of new hope and joy clearly evident everywhere.
Entrepreneur Lifestyle 
Serious about putting in the work to go to the next level? Well, if you're ready to "Unlock Your Winning Mindset" it begins with having a "Maximized Mind". 

Once you understand the first of the 5 Essentials you'll understand the true principles of health, healing, and creating a mindset of success. So let's make it happen! 

Ready to link arms with our Beyond Driven team where we will work with you personally to help you discover your purpose, overcome obstacles that are holding you back, and set you on a path to living out your fullest potential?
Choose Today To Fight Against Who You Are & Become Who You Are Made To Be
Let's Stand Up To Cancer...
As a way to honor my mom, I’ve become an advocate for “Stand Up to Cancer,” which helps with cancer research so others don’t have to suffer like she did. Health and wellness, a focus on nutrition, and living by the “5 Essentials” have also become key in my life. 
Let’s be uberFABulous Together!!!
If you've already completed the Unlock Your Winning Mindset Course you qualify to take your journey to the next level by having a personal 1-on-1 coach. 
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Let’s be uberFABulous Together!!!
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